The ELI-1000 Thermal Chamber, a revolutionary temperature control system that combines a closed-loop thermal source and interchangeable custom/standard testing chamber into one compact, energy efficient system with a standard 110 volt electric source, has surpassed long-term sales expectations set when it was released over a decade ago.

The aim of this Thermal Chamber is to provide testers a precise, convenient all-in-one system at an affordable cost. The patented technology in the ELI-1000 allows for a steady state operation with a heating/cooling system that can be operated and controlled independently of each other.

  • Removable, exchangeable thermal chamber
  • Compact design measures only 19”Wx30”Dx28”H
  • Communication ports include USB, RS485, RS232, GPIB, and Ethernet
  • Type T, K, or RTD DUT Sensor Ports
  • 7” user-friendly touchscreen for full system operation
  • Both analog and digital inputs
  • Simplified and accurate calibration for all airflows and DUT types
  • An operating temperature of -70ºC to +200ºC