Fiber Optics are becoming increasingly popular given their advantages over electrical cables. These flexible, transparent fibers are created by drawing glass or plastic to diameters that allow higher data transmission speeds than its electrical counterpart. Fiber Optics Thermal Testing is critical to determining the overall functionality and longevity and is undoubtedly necessary with high-performance being the calling card of the industry. Our testing units will allow manufacturers to produce fiber optics and connections with low loss performance at both anticipated and extreme temperatures.

Fiber optics are used in internet applications, satellites, and flight and aerospace systems that demand that the components reliably function at a temperature of -55˚C to 125˚C to meet military specifications (883C). Our thermal testing units will help determine this reliability in environments that demand top-level performance.

Khoury Industries provides quality solutions for even stricter fiber optic thermal testing at ranges from -100˚C to 300˚C and any temperature in between with +/- 1 degree of accuracy. We strive to offer fiber optics thermal testing solutions that will help manufacturers meet the high-level demands of their customers. Our testing units provide both electronic noise-free and moisture-free environments. Both our Khoury Box and ELI Systems will offer an ideal solution for analyzing component failures, assessing functionality, and determining product life cycles.

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